How to Keep Warm and Safe in Your Camper Trailer During Cold Desert Nights

If you're travelling through the desert or any other area where it tends to get cold in the night, you need to prepare your camper trailers. To keep yourself and your co-travellers warm and to keep your trailer safe, check out these tips: Seal the Windows Leaky, poorly fitting and old windows will allow warm air to escape your camper trailer and cold air to come in. If you have an older camper trailer, consider replacing the windows. [Read More]

Surplus Gear for the Airsoft Camper

Airsoft festivals contain everything a budding camper and military enthusiast could want, from high-paced combat gaming to the opportunity to live in the field like a true soldier. However if you really want to get into character and save yourself a substantial amount of money at the same time, you should consider buying your camping gear at a military surplus store. Army disposals are usually old and worn, but hardwearing and very cheap, with stores offering a great variety of sizes, colours and products, helping you get into character ready for the coming battle. [Read More]

Caravan Accessories | 3 Convenient Accessories To Create An Enjoyable Camping Experience

Caravan holidays with your family or partner can be tremendous fun when you plan right. Spending time in the great outdoors creates the opportunity for adventures you never thought possible. But having the right camper trailer accessories in your caravan is important to ensure that you're always prepared. This guide equips you with convenient caravan accessories for an enjoyable camping experience. Foldable Table With Chairs Even if your caravan is equipped with an in-built dining table, it doesn't hurt to have camper trailer accessories like a foldable table and chairs when a few of you go camping. [Read More]