Caravan Accessories | 3 Convenient Accessories To Create An Enjoyable Camping Experience

Caravan holidays with your family or partner can be tremendous fun when you plan right. Spending time in the great outdoors creates the opportunity for adventures you never thought possible. But having the right camper trailer accessories in your caravan is important to ensure that you're always prepared. This guide equips you with convenient caravan accessories for an enjoyable camping experience.

Foldable Table With Chairs

Even if your caravan is equipped with an in-built dining table, it doesn't hurt to have camper trailer accessories like a foldable table and chairs when a few of you go camping. This inexpensive purchase not only works well inside the caravan, but you can also use it outdoors when you're parked at your campsite for food and drinks. You can use foldable tables for preparing meals, storing food off the ground and dining. The best part of a foldable table is its ability to close up, allowing you the opportunity to properly secure it inside the caravan when you're travelling. Foldable tables are available in wood, metal and plastic, depending on your specific preferences.

Lighting Accessories

If you think that a torchlight is enough to tide you over in the dark wilderness, think again. You'll be surprised at how dark it really is with no streetlights or building lights to add even an ounce of illumination. Simply relying on light from the moon may not be smart, especially if you end up choosing a day where there's no moonlight at all. Campfires are also not ideal on days where the fire danger rating is high. Think prudently about the kind of lighting you desire for your caravan and campsite. Apart from simple torchlights, you can choose lights like LED lamps, solar rechargeable lanterns and battery-operated floodlights. This way you can ensure that the inside and outside of your caravan is well lit based on your individual needs.

Self-Inflating Mattress

While your camper van probably comes with a provision for placing a mattress, chances are you have to buy the mattress on your own. Since you probably don't use your caravan all the time, buying a regular mattress may be unnecessary, especially when you consider the fact that you will need to keep it clean when not in use. A good alternative is to choose a self-inflating mattress for your caravan. A self-inflating mattress is a layer of foam inserted into an airtight covering. The valve is shut when the mattress is rolled up and safely kept in storage. When you need the mattress, the valve opens and sucks air into it for expansion. You can then place this mattress over the sleeping area during your camping trip. Since it is mobile, you can store it in a clean and safe area when you don't need it.

These convenient camper trailer accessories are sure to make your camping experience more enjoyable.