Surplus Gear for the Airsoft Camper

Airsoft festivals contain everything a budding camper and military enthusiast could want, from high-paced combat gaming to the opportunity to live in the field like a true soldier. However if you really want to get into character and save yourself a substantial amount of money at the same time, you should consider buying your camping gear at a military surplus store. Army disposals are usually old and worn, but hardwearing and very cheap, with stores offering a great variety of sizes, colours and products, helping you get into character ready for the coming battle. 

Base HQ

No military campsite is complete without a HQ, and a canvas tent is perfect. They're often very sturdy with their solid metal frames, and waterproof because of the heavy canvas sheet cover, however you need to do a complete check over of the product before you buy it. Army gear is designed to stand up to rigorous punishment from the elements but that doesn't stop it from tearing or losing it's waterproof properties. Look at the material and ask the surplus store to lay it out for you, check the seams and any pockets that slip of over the ends of the frame, as these are often the first areas to tear. Then check for tears in the main sheet and establish whether they can be patched up. Finally test the waterproofing to establish if you'll need to treat the fabric with a paraffin treatment. 

Dehydration is a Soldiers Worst Enemy

Jerry cans with dispenser taps will ensure you always have a fresh supply of water at your campsite and minimise the chance of dehydration. Again you can often buy these at army surplus stores, but you need to be careful and make sure they are thoroughly sanitised before using. Smell the can to see whether it has any strong odours and take apart the cap and tap to check for mould. When cleaning use hot water and anti-bacterial washing-up liquid to remove odours and bacteria before rinsing multiple times with clean water. It's always a good idea to soak the tap in a cleaning solution using hydration pack cleaning tablets, as they help to breakdown mould and scum in hard to reach crevices. 

Stay Warm, Stay Unseen

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on camping clothing buy army disposal clothes. You'll be able to pick up a bargain and equip yourself with everything from base layers to gloves, ensuring you are both warm and dry and protected from the elements whilst helping yourself look the part for the airsoft battle.