How to Keep Warm and Safe in Your Camper Trailer During Cold Desert Nights

If you're travelling through the desert or any other area where it tends to get cold in the night, you need to prepare your camper trailers. To keep yourself and your co-travellers warm and to keep your trailer safe, check out these tips:

Seal the Windows

Leaky, poorly fitting and old windows will allow warm air to escape your camper trailer and cold air to come in. If you have an older camper trailer, consider replacing the windows. Even with a new trailer, you may want to give the windows some extra support by applying plastic wrap to them. You won't be able to open the windows during the day, but the plastic helps keep the cold out.

Add Insulation

Anyplace you can add insulation to your camper trailer can help to keep it warmer at night. If you are renovating an old camper, consider putting in new insulation in walls, under flooring or on the ceiling. If you haven't covered the windows in plastic, you may want to cover them in insulating foam inserts to keep the cold out.

Make the Most of the Day's Temperatures

It's easier to heat a camper trailer at night in the desert than it is to heat a camper trailer in an area that's cold all day and night, but you have to make the most of the warm daytime temperatures. Park your camper trailer so that the side with the most windows is facing the sun. Open your shades and pull down your awning during the day. All of that will help to heat up the camper trailer so that it's warmer at night.

Protect the Pipes If you think it's going to freeze, you have to protect your pipes. If water freezes in them, they could break. You can get a generator and run a small heater at night, you can turn off the water and live without it for a few days, or you can insulate the pipes with some foam pipe insulation.

Stock Up on Warming Accessories

You may also want to get some accessories to keep you warm at night. Consider buying sleeping bags at a camping specialist shop and look for ones that are designed to stand up to cold climates. Alternatively, if you have access to electricity, get a space heater or an electric blanket. Hot water bottles can also be helpful. Just heat the water over a camping stove.